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GR8 and SG1 compounds for eyewear: two new solutions for the grinding of acetate and injected plastic

January 13, 2021 / By admin

In the context of the tumbling process of cellulose acetate and injected plastic eyewear, the first step, defined grinding, has a basic importance in order to guarantee a perfect finishing of frames, temples and earpieces. It is indeed necessary to remove scratches derived from the previous treatments, like milling or mould deburring, avoiding to damage the surface and ensuring meanwhile a more or less marked rounding of the profile based on the several models.

Polishing compounds for acetate tumbling with antibacterial

June 25, 2020 / By admin

pai cristal develops abrasive paste with antibacterial Pai Cristal takes care of you. Pai Cristal presents a big news: PAI CLASSIC abrasive pastes for tumbling process will be equipped with a green stamp PAI CARE. Pai Cristal R&D department  has drawn up new products for grinding, smoothing and shining of cellulose acetate: these abrasive pastes […]