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OPEN-UP – Surface Sanitizer
Sanitizing surfaces will no longer be a problem thanks to OPEN-UP detergent, deodorant and sanitizer for surfaces.
Thanks to the use of active oxygen, OPEN-UP cleans and sanitizes without damaging the surfaces.

You can use OPEN-UP on:

  • plastic surfaces
  • painted surfaces
  • laminated surfaces
  • gelcoat
  • glass and mirrors
  • ceramic tiles
  • porcelain
  • steel
  • chrome surfaces

OPEN-UP has been developed by Pai Cristal Italia to meet the needs of accurate cleanliness and safety, following the recent Covid19 pandemic. Thanks to several decades of experience in the study of surfaces for the development of abrasive polishing pastes, Pai Cristal has managed to develop an effective and non-invasive sanitizing product.

Composition OPEN-UP

Through the combination of active oxygen with a blend of specific solvents, this sanitizer is able to penetrate deeply, performing an incisive action. OPEN-UP does not contain sodium hypochlorite (often cause of undesirable corrosive effects) and sanitizes without producing foam, so it is easy to use with the appropriate spray.
OPEN-UP is a fragrant sanitizer that also allows you to deodorize small and large environments.

Fields of application OPEN-UP

It is possible to use OPEN-UP to clean and sanitize any type of surface but also large spaces thanks to the use in combination with TURBO CLEAN
OPEN-UP is useful for the sanitization of various types of environments such as:
car interiors (dashboard, windshield, mats), buses and trains, interior of boats and yachts (cabins, dinette, bathrooms, lockers), work floors, offices, canteens, floors, glass and mirrors, stairs, elevators, doors.

Use of OPEN-UP

OPEN-UP allows you to clean, deodorize and sanitize small and large environments.
For use on surfaces:
– spray the product on the surface to be treated, wait for a few seconds and then clean with SILKY BLUE microfiber
– To sanitize large environments, use with TURBO CLEAN
For more information about the product and its use with TURBO CLEAN visit this page.

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    OPEN-UP Surface Sanitizer

    OPEN-UP – surface sanitizer
    Sanitizing surfaces will no longer be a problem thanks to OPEN-UP detergent, deodorant and sanitizer for surfaces.
    Thanks to the use of active oxygen, OPEN-UP cleans and sanitizes without damaging the surfaces.

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    OPEN-UP Sanitizer for surfaces.

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