Pai Cristal Italia rewards employees and aims to expand the plant (Corriere delle Alpi)

January 9, 2023 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

Pai Cristal Italia di Domegge premia i dipendenti e punta ad ampliare lo stabilimento The following newspaper article is only available in Italian. L’azienda chimica nel 2022 ha griffato cinque nuovi prodotti. «Cerchiamo personale specializzato ma non ne troviamo» Di seguito troverete i primi due paragrafi dell’articolo, per visualizzarlo completo seguite […]

Christmas Closing – Pai Cristal

December 14, 2022 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

We wish a peaceful and happy Christmas to all our customers and friends. We will be closed for the upcoming Christmas holidays from 24th December 2022 to 7th January 2023 inclusive. Latest shipping date 19th December 2022.

FLASH TOUCH | Pai Boat Composites

July 19, 2022 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

Flash Touch has cleaning properties, it cleans and degreases surfaces. Flash Touch is a liquid and spray polish, it polishes surfaces. Flash Touch contains a mix of selected waxes: it leaves the surfaces silky, smooth, and protected.

Summer holidays

July 12, 2022 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

Summer Holidays – Pai Cristal Italia We inform you that we will be closed for the incoming summer holidays from 8th August to 19th August 2022 inclusive. If you wish to receive the goods before closing, please consider that the latest shipping date will be 1st August 2022.

JEC World 2022 – Pai Boat Composites

May 9, 2022 / By admin

SIMPLY AMAZING! After two years of forced pause, returning to exhibit at the JEC was something even more special. So many visitors, many innovations, as well as a strong desire to meet each other and be in company. It has probably been the edition richest in content, visits, and interest in which we took part […]

JEC World 2022 – Pai Boat Composites

March 28, 2022 / By admin

Pai Cristal Italia is pleased to announce that, after two years of forced stop, will be present again at the JEC WORLD 2022 and welcome you to visit our booth D58 in HALL 6. We are present with our Pai Boat Composites line, abrasive-polishing pastes and specific products for composites applications. Pai Boat Composites means not […]

PAICAR Black Line: the complete line for dark colors

January 27, 2022 / By admin

Black Line: the PAICAR complete line for of dark colors Polishing dark cars is often a problem: body defects are more noticeable and the residues of paste are highlighted by the dark color. The goal of the PAICAR lab is to develop ad-hoc polishing processes, which guarantee excellent as well as fast results, both when working on […]

In the heart of the most beautiful mountains in the world: the Dolomites.

December 7, 2021 / By Redazione

In the heart of the most beautiful mountains in the world: the Dolomites. Since 1965 we have been developing and producing specific polishing processes for high-level surface treatment. In 2000 we moved to Domegge di Cadore, in the Belluno Dolomites. It’s right here, in our headquarter, that all our products come to light: from the first […]