STIKY-OFF Glue and tar remover

April 3, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

STIKY-OFF Glue and tar remover Had you ever found tree resin on your car body? Or have you ever passed a street just few moments after being tarmacked, getting tar stains on flanks and bumpers? The answer is probably yes. Sometimes, being very careful isn’t enough to avoid the problem. Often, the only parking place […]

BLITZ-OUT Rims cleaner

March 27, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

BLITZ-OUT Rims cleaner Do you know that the use of the brake pads produces metal powder, that can cause damages on the car body? This is an ordinary process, and rims are the main victims. The high temperature of brakes facilities the adhesion of the dust particles on the surface. Overtime, these become more difficult […]

TY-BLACK Dresser for Tyres

March 19, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

TY-BLACK Dresser for Tyres The shoes are part and parcel of a look. And tyres are the car’s shoes.   Regarding car aesthetic, tyres are an important detail. In their original condition, them give brightness and deepness to the car body, significantly improving car’s look. Tyre’s gloss gets lost overtime, and it is replaced by […]

TX-TL Fabrics and carpets Cleaner

March 13, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

TX-TL Fabrics and carpets cleaner Often, the use is to pay more attention to the external car care, letting the internal parts overlooked. Anyway, interior deserve the same good treatment. Car’s seats and carpets, for instance, can get dirty very fast for various reasons. In addition, bad smells can penetrate fabrics, making the journey less […]

Thank you JEC WORLD 2024!

March 12, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

Thank you JEC WORLD 2024! Dear all, We are delighted to share with you the nice moments we experienced at the recent and exciting JEC WORLD 2024 Composites Expo in Paris. This event was a significant opportunity for us to meet our current partners and welcome new perspectives for collaboration with potential clients, enriching our […]

TOP-DRESS Glossy dresser for plastic

March 6, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

TOP-DRESS Glossy dresser for plastics It’s true that “The gown does not make the friar”. Anyway, in many cases the first impression has an important influence. Over time, the plastic parts’ shine gets lost. It’s a common situation, valid both for internal and external components. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be restored. Do this […]

PAI-PLAST Multipurpose Cleaner

February 28, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

PAI-PLAST Multipurpose Cleaner Anyone who loves his/her car wants to take care of it. This is true both for external and internal parts. Taking care of the interior means obtain a better everyday life. In the meantime, it’s a positive signal for our passengers. It means that we want to feel at home, and we […]

FLASH TOUCH Quick Polish & Wax

February 21, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

FLASH TOUCH Quick Polish & Wax The perfect ally for a simply and quick refinish. This is FLASH TOUCH Quick Polish & Wax. In some cases, all you need is a final touch for your car. The PAICAR line purpose specifically designed for these situations is FLASH TOUCH.   It’s a quick detailer in spray […]

JEC World 2024 – Pai Boat Composites will be present!

February 15, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

JEC WORD 2024 Pai Boat Composites will be there! Having a stand at JEC WORLD is always an emotion: many visitors, many innovations, a strong desire to meet client and friends, exchange of ideas, and be in good company. With Pai Boat Composites, we will showcase our new products and emphasize the importance of tailored […]

RUSTY FALL-X | Metal falls remover

February 13, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

  Sometimes it is hard to face a problem. In other cases, a single touch of magic is enough. Talking about car body and wheel rim, superficial rust and iron residues are among the most common problems. These situations compromise the car aesthetic, and it’s important to deal with them to avoid the deterioration of […]