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Pai Car polishing compounds logo pai cristal italia

Pai Car is the line of rubbing compounds, polishes, cleaners and accessories, for car body refinishing, car care and detailing for both professional and hobbyists.

Pai Boat Composites logo pai cristal italia

Pai Boat is the line of rubbing compounds, polishes, cleaners and accessories, for gelcoat and resins finishing into the composites sectors, especially in the marine, transports, bathroom fornitures, design components.

Pai Classic logo pai cristal italia

Pai Classics is the line of rubbing compounds and media, for the surface polishing of metals and plastic materials. Main application sectors are: eyewear, gift making, jewellery, accessories for fashion and footwear, mechanics.

Pai Pain logo pai cristal italia

Pai Paint is the line of rubbing compounds and polishes, manufactured and marketed by Pai Cristal Italia, for the paint polishing mainly in the sector of lacquered pieces, especially in the production of furniture and musical instruments.

Pai Cristal Italia

Master in polishing

Experience, dynamism, quality, specialization and innovation make us, all in all, what we actually are: MASTER IN POLISHING.
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La volontà di investire nella ricerca e nello sviluppo come importante fattore di crescita, per poter offrire al mercato prodotti originali e innovativi per il trattamento delle superfici ci ha permesso di ampliare le applicazioni dei nostri prodotti e di crescere fino a diventare un riferimento nel settore.




Tra i nostri punti di forza, la sperimentazione costante supportata da strumentazioni sofisticate e da personale altamente qualificato.

Collaboriamo regolarmente con primari istituti di ricerca internazionali e fornitori qualificati.

Verifichiamo e testiamo continuamente nuove materie prime.

Per noi è di vitale importanza la ricerca finalizzata a soddisfare le applicazioni specifiche richieste dai clienti.

copertina catalogo occhiali Pai Cristal
Catalogue Pai Boat Composites - pai cristal


Recent News

paste abrasive per la bura

Polishing compounds for acetate tumbling with antibacterial

June 25, 2020 / By Redazione

pai cristal develops abrasive paste with antibacterial Pai Cristal takes care of you. Pai Cristal presents a big news: PAI CLASSIC abrasive pastes for tumbling process will be equipped with a green stamp PAI CARE.…

pai car detailing lucidatura nissan skyline c110 kenmery header

A Nissan Skyline c110 shines again with PAI CAR products

June 17, 2020 / By Redazione

A Nissan Skyline c110 shines again with PAI CAR products This was a restoration of an iconic car: it was the 1972 when, at the Tokyo Motor Show, the second version of Nissan Skyline was…

private label polishing compounds

Private label polishing compounds and car detailing products

June 16, 2020 / By Redazione

Private label polishing compounds and car detailing products Pai Cristal Private label polishing compounds for car detailing. Pai Cristal offers a private label service of polishing compounds and car care products for the correct cleaning.…

I prodotti Pai Cristal diventano igienizzanti

Pai Cristal products become sanitizing

May 19, 2020 / By Redazione

Pai Cristal products become sanitizing – PAI CARE Pai Cristal takes care of you. Now Pai Cristal presents a big news: the whole line of PAI CLASSIC abrasive paste for the eyewear, jewelry and fashion…

New Product OPEN-UP Surface Sanitizer Pai Cristal Italia

NEW PRODUCT: OPEN-UP Surface Sanitizer

May 10, 2020 / By Redazione

We are happy to introduce you our new product: OPEN-UP – Surface Sanitizer.Sanitizing surfaces will no longer be a problem thanks to OPEN–UP detergent, deodorant and sanitizer for surfaces.Thanks to the use of active oxygen,…

PAI BOAT COMPOSITES: il nostro viaggio


April 28, 2020 / By Redazione

In the last weeks, we have been presenting our all new NW 1 PLUS polishing paste. Now we are eager to let you briefly know what is behind this innovation. We want you to find…

NW 1 PLUS – Polishing compound for Composites

April 15, 2020 / By Redazione

Taking the Standard NW 1 polishing compound and making it better? It was a challenge but we did it! That’s how NW 1 PLUS polishing compound for Composites was born: fast and high cutting action…

Pai Boat Composites_JEC_Paris_2021

JEC World 2020 postponed – Pai Boat Composites

April 1, 2020 / By Redazione

Dear Valued Customers & Business Partners, We do hope that you and your closed ones are all in good health and we would like to show you our sympathy in this difficult moment of global…



March 18, 2020 / By Redazione

THE POLISHING COMPOUND YOU ARE USING HAS JUST BEEN OVERTAKEN. The performance of the standard NW 1 with a lot of PLUS (NW 1 PLUS is a polishing compound from PAI BOAT COMPOSITES – polishing…


March 12, 2020 / By Redazione

From today the Pai Boat Composites bottles (polishing compounds for composites and boat care products) will have coloured caps, to make it easier to match with foam pads. The perfect combination for a superior performance.…

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