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Origins and company history

Pai Cristal Italia was founded in Milan in 1965 and it soon became known for its state-of-the-art products, strengthening its name and expansion in the market, also through the attendance at the most important trade fairs.

The willingness to invest in the research and development as an essential growth factor, in order to serve the market with original and innovative products for the surface treatment, allowed Pai Cristal to widen its applications and to expand, emerging as a reference point for its customers. As a result of this new dynamism, the company has been able to enlarge its activities from the realm of spectacles and plastic and metal fashion accessories (buttons, buckles, adornments, hair ornaments, etc…) to the surface and paint finishing in the world of cars, boats, furniture and musical instruments.

In 2000 a turning point for Pai Cristal occurred: driven by a further managerial impulse and a stronger inclination towards international markets as well as lead by the necessity to increase the productive capacity, it decided to move its headquarter to the heart of Dolomites, in the Cadore region. This choice allowed Pai Cristal to be closer to a significant part of its customers in the spectacles industry – highly developed in that area – thus fostering a better understanding of specific needs within that sector and making it possible to offer even more tailored solutions.

Company internationalization

In 2004, once gained a strong experience and know-how during the years in Italy and in order to answer specific needs of some fast-growing markets of the Far East, the company decided to invest directly in China and India. It provided itself with its own productive and trade centres, thus catching profitable and interesting opportunities. As in Italy, also in those markets the response has brought great satisfaction in terms of achieved customers and turnover.

Customer service

For Pai Cristal, customer service means guaranteeing a quality product and on-time delivery, but also the openness to hear and understand customers’ needs, thus being able to quickly offer tailored solutions.

Present days

A company with a long history that today mainly consists of young highly-motivated people, able to bring new ideas and who believes in the product and process innovation as a means to better compete in the international market and proceed in the growth path of the company. Experience, dynamism, quality, specialization and innovation make us, all in all, what we are actually well-known for: “Master in Polishing”.

Research & development

Research, development and innovation are the driving forces for Pai Cristal’s growth and they allow the company to play a major role in a high competitive market where the presence of big international competitors is particularly strong. Main features of PAI’s activity are:

  • constant experimentation, supported by sophisticated equipment and high-skilled professional staff;
  • cooperation with primary international research institutes and specialized suppliers;
  • regular analysis/test of new raw materials;
  • research addressed to satisfy specific applications, as required by customers.

For Pai Cristal, Research and Development means the awareness of acting within “Dolomites World Heritage List”, acknowledged by UNESCO, producing eco-compatible products, which are neither dangerous to people nor harmful to environment. The commitment to preserve the territory and the nature is the starting point to guarantee a real sustainable development.