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BLITZ-OUT Rims Cleaner

March 27, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA


Rims cleaner

Do you know that the use of the brake pads produces metal powder, that can cause damages on the car body?

This is an ordinary process, and rims are the main victims. The high temperature of brakes facilities the adhesion of the dust particles on the surface. Overtime, these become more difficult to remove. The presence of dirt on the rim increase the risk of damage during washing.

It’s possible to prevent the accumulation of dirty through a periodic cleaning and using a valid support.



BLITZ-OUT Sgrassatore per cerchioni

Today we talk about BLITZ-OUT Rims Cleaner, the PAICAR’ cleaner that can quickly eliminate the hardest dirty from every rim type. It contains release agents, that allow the residues detachment. After that, these will be easily removable using a water jet. In addition, BLITZ-OUT Rims Cleaner leaves an antistatic film on the surface, hindering the deposit of dirty and dust.

BLITZ-OUT Rims Cleaner

BLITZ-OUT rims Cleaner is a user-friendly spray cleaner, adapted for every rim’s type. Its composition has been developed to avoid the compromission of every car body’s material.

Choose an effective ally for rim’s cleaning, choose BLITZ-OUT.



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Cleaners and Detergent:

Sometimes you will need just to clean and not polish. That’s fair enough. And that’s why PAICAR range includes a full dedicated line of cleaners and detergents. Take advantage of PAICAR cleaners! Could it be either an interior or an exterior treatment, you can make your car shiner and fresher than ever.
PAICAR is a polishing system. A polishing system requires polishing compounds and polishing pads. That’s why 4 foam pads have been developed together with PAICAR compounds. The perfect match to get be best performance.


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