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March 19, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA


Dresser for Tyres

The shoes are part and parcel of a look. And tyres are the car’s shoes.


Regarding car aesthetic, tyres are an important detail. In their original condition, them give brightness and deepness to the car body, significantly improving car’s look. Tyre’s gloss gets lost overtime, and it is replaced by opacity and dullness. For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to take a few minutes for the tyres aesthetic care, using a good product.



TY-BLACK Nero Gomme

In these cases, PAICAR’s suggestion is named TY-BLACK Dresser for Tyres. It’s a spray cleaner, very effective in the tyre’s restoring. It is able to regenerate the original black colour. In addition, TY-BLACK can prevent the onset of dryness and cracks. Its action deposes an antistatic film, that protects the surface hindering the deposit of dirt and dust.

TY-BLACK Nero Gomme

Another TY-BLACK’s point of strength is the immediacy in its use. In a few minutes, by using a brush or the S18 pad, it will be easy to restore tyre’s brightness. It’s an effective and user-friendly solution.

Let’s show up at the party wearing glossy shoes, choose TY-BLACK for the car care.



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