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Stiky-off glue and tar remover

April 3, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA


Glue and tar remover

Had you ever found tree resin on your car body? Or have you ever passed a street just few moments after being tarmacked, getting tar stains on flanks and bumpers?

The answer is probably yes. Sometimes, being very careful isn’t enough to avoid the problem. Often, the only parking place available is under the branches of a tree, and the only thing we can do is to hope that nothing happens. Is it possible to work on car body, decontaminating the surface from these resistant agents? Obviously, yes!



STIKY-OFF Rimuovi adesivi e catrame


In these cases, PAICAR suggestion is STIKY-OFF, a spray cleaner extremely effective in the removal of the more persistent contamination agents. In a few moments, it will be possible to dissolve tree resin, sticker glue and tar stains. It is also indicated for the glass treatment.

STIKY-OFF Glue and tar remover, in combination with a valid support like the Silky Tech Grey microfiber, will be able to help you to solve these annoying troubles.

Don’t worry, STIKY-OFF Glue and tar remover will peel off everything.



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