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TX-TL Fabrics and carpets Cleaner

March 13, 2024 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA


Fabrics and carpets cleaner

Often, the use is to pay more attention to the external car care, letting the internal parts overlooked. Anyway, interior deserve the same good treatment.

Car’s seats and carpets, for instance, can get dirty very fast for various reasons. In addition, bad smells can penetrate fabrics, making the journey less pleasant for driver and passengers.



TX-TL Pulitore Tessuti

The PAICAR proposal for the internal fabrics care is TX-TL. It’s a spray cleaner, specifically developed for the fast cleaning of carpets, seats, moquette, seat covers. It has a cleaning and sanitizing action, thanks to the components in its formulation. It can effectively remove dirt and stains, and after the use the surface will remain perfumed.

TX-TL Fabrics and Carpets cleaner

It’s a user-friendly solution for the constant maintenance of the internal car’s fabrics.



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Cleaners and Detergent:

Sometimes you will need just to clean and not polish. That’s fair enough. And that’s why PAICAR range includes a full dedicated line of cleaners and detergents. Take advantage of PAICAR cleaners! Could it be either an interior or an exterior treatment, you can make your car shiner and fresher than ever.
PAICAR is a polishing system. A polishing system requires polishing compounds and polishing pads. That’s why 4 foam pads have been developed together with PAICAR compounds. The perfect match to get be best performance.


Become a Master in Polishing with PAICAR: the PAICAR team will always be at your disposal with technical advice, guides and tutorial for the application and to help you and your customers. Visit our website paicar.paicristal.com and contact us!