PAICAR has just arrived. A new era of car polishing begins today.

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September 6, 2023 / By PAI CRISTAL ITALIA

A new era of car polishing begins today. PAICAR has just arrived.

Professionals know very well how rewarding it is to achieve a shiny and clean finish; they know that the brightness of the car paint is a matter of many, small details; they know that customers are demanding and that technical expertise is not enough, also the right tools, compounds and accessories are needed.

We have involved you professionals, experts in car finishing; we have polished side by side with you detailers who, every day, pursue perfection in car care. We have joined our technicians to external technicians, because polishing is indeed an art, but also a science.

The result? PAICAR polishing process. An entirely redesigned and renewed range, easy to use, simple yet complete, for car care.

A line of water-based polishing pastes, silicone free, fast and effective on scratches, super bright on finishing, with a very high yield. Just pure performance.

Now we can say: PAICAR has just arrived.

Watch the video, discover the entire range and try it yourself. Join the community that has decided to rely on PAICAR for car polishing.



Cleaners and Detergent:

Sometimes you will need just to clean and not polish. That’s fair enough. And that’s why PAICAR range includes a full dedicated line of cleaners and detergents. Take advantage of PAICAR cleaners! Could it be either an interior or an exterior treatment, you can make your car shiner and fresher than ever.
PAICAR is a polishing system. A polishing system requires polishing compounds and polishing pads. That’s why 4 foam pads have been developed together with PAICAR compounds. The perfect match to get be best performance.


Become a Master in Polishing with PAICAR: the PAICAR team will always be at your disposal with technical advice, guides and tutorial for the application and to help you and your customers. Visit our website and contact us!