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PAICAR Black Line: the complete line for dark colors

January 27, 2022 / By admin

Black Line: the PAICAR complete line for of dark colors Polishing dark cars is often a problem: body defects are more noticeable and the residues of paste are highlighted by the dark color. The goal of the PAICAR lab is to develop ad-hoc polishing processes, which guarantee excellent as well as fast results, both when working on […]

EVER WAX: the super protective wax

October 13, 2021 / By admin

– EVER WAX: the super protective car wax EVER WAX The super protective wax to restore and protect all types of paint: deep protection and long-lasting water beading effect! PROTECTION Water beading! The mix of natural waxes create a protective microfilm that anchors to the paint for an amazing water beading effect but also to […]

PAICAR: car polishing starts with a perfect decontamination!

July 14, 2021 / By Redazione

PAICAR: car polishing starts with a perfect decontamination! Is the car decontamination so important? Polishing a not-so-clean car can cause relevant damages to its surface. Think about polishing a car and then realizing to have carried micro-tar particles all over the entire paint. That’s definitely not a good start. Established that car decontamination is necessary for […]

PAICAR new website

May 13, 2021 / By admin

Following the renewal of the product labels and the launch of the new Catalogue, we are happy to announce the new PAICAR section on our website paicristal.com, dealing with car polishing and detailing products.
A new graphic design and a fresh and dynamic approach, which reflects an innovation-oriented company in constant growth.
The new PAICAR section has been designed with the aim of making product research easier and more intuitive. This restyling is not just about the graphic interface, actually it does structure contents in a smarter way, adding new categories and sections, thus providing a valuable and effective tool to be easily consulted.