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Pai Boat Composites: welcome PERLA 15

February 19, 2021 / By admin

We have always been at the forefront in the development of high cutting polishing pastes for gelcoat. Now, with PERLA 15, we have dared much further.
Lately, there is a fact that easily stands out to those, like us, who are a regular visitor to both shipyards and manufacturers of fiberglass parts for other industries, such as the automotive one: people like the painted, the varnish finish, and how much they like it! There is no comparison: how a lacquered surface shines, nothing else!
Painting the gelcoat or the resin lengthens the production process and makes it more articulate. Pursuing perfection is a narrow and rewarding path. It is onto this path that we have addressed ourselves. The aim is offering the professional polisher a specific polishing paste that makes his work faster, cleaner and shinier: PERLA 15. The name already says it all. Find out in this video!

Pai Boat Composites NW 1 PLUS: available in bottle

January 25, 2021 / By admin

For all of you looking for ease of use, faster application and a product that is always fresh, NW 1 PLUS has been put into a bottle!
We always and closely follow the polishing processes in the various Italian and European production sites and we exchange views with the operators who are involved in those processes every day. Countries, languages and time zones may change, but the job to be done and ways to do it are very similar everywhere; and a little bit everywhere this wish has emerged: to have the same cutting power, the same speed, the same shiny finish as NW 1 PLUS, all in a bottle, instead of a bucket. A bottle to shake, to carry with you more easily on scaffolding. A bottle that make it possible to apply the paste directly on the surface, just as a toothpaste, without the need for a brush.

TWISTER the new polishing pad

September 15, 2020 / By admin

The Pai Cristal all new TWISTER polishing pad is finally here. TWISTER the new polishing pad The only contact element between the surface and the polishing machine is the Polishing pad. The polishing pad is an essential element in a proper polishing process.  This is why, for years, Pai Cristal has been constantly looking for new […]