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  • Grime hunter bilge cleaner - Pai Boat Composites

    Bilge Cleaner


    GRIME HUNTER is a concentrated cleaner for bilge and engine compartments of the boat, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    GRIME HUNTER bilge cleaner:

    • it is ideal for dissolving grime, sludge, fuel residues, grease and oil in the most effective way;
    • neutralises unpleasant odours and has a high sanitising action;
    • it does not harm plastic and metal parts.


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  • Riby-Clean inflatable boat fenders and rubber cleaner Pai Boat Composites

    Inflatable Protective Cleaner


    RIBY CLEAN is a specific cleaner for inflatable boats, fenders and other rubber details, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    Inflatable boats cleaner RIBY CLEAN:

    • it is the ideal solution to remove stains caused by weathering, suntan cream, exhaust residues, oil, grease, insects and droppings;
    • leaves a protective film, which forestalls filth deposition, and contrasts UV rays, preventing yellowing;
    • it does not damage seams and adjacent parts.


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  • NAUTICLEAN Boat polishing cleaner - Pai Boat Composites

    Boat Polishing Cleaner


    NAUTICLEAN is a polishing cleaner with wax for boats washing, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    Yacht and boat cleaner NAUTICLEAN:

    • it is ideal for yacht and boat washing;
    • easily removes stains caused by natural elements and exhaust gas, insects, grease and droppings;
    • thanks to its no-acid formula, it does not affect waxed hulls;
    • it leaves a lasting protection and an antistatic waterproof film, which prevent filth deposition.


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  • rusty fall-x matal falls and rust remover - Pai Boat Composites

    Metals falls remover


    RUSTY FALL-X is a concentrated specific non-acid cleaner that removes superficial rust and iron residues, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.

    RUSTY FALL-X cleaner: 

    • attacks the metal oxide, dissolving and taking rust away from gelcoat and painted surfaces;
    • it is perfect for railroad rust and chimney metal particulate removal;
    • thanks to its composition with neutral pH, it allows a simpler and safer usage, as it does not damage plastic and rubber parts around the treated area. 


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  • SUPER-NAUTICLEAN boat and yacht concentrated cleaner - Pai Boat Composites

    Boat Concentrated Cleaner


    SUPER NAUTICLEAN is a super concentrated cleaner for boats washing, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    Boat concentrated cleaner SUPER NAUTICLEAN:

    • it is ideal for professional yacht and boats washing;
    • removes with no effort stubborn grime and persistent dirt very fast and well, thus being perfect for beginning or end-of-the-season maintenance works;
    • dissolves stains caused by natural elements and exhaust gas, insects, grease and droppings.


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  • OPEN-UP Surface Sanitizer - Pai Cristal - Pai Boat Composites

    OPEN-UP Surface Sanitizer

    OPEN-UP – surface sanitizer
    Sanitizing surfaces will no longer be a problem thanks to OPEN-UP detergent, deodorant and sanitizer for surfaces.
    Thanks to the use of active oxygen, OPEN-UP cleans and sanitizes without damaging the surfaces.

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  • TURBO CLEAN Electric Sprayer for Surface Sanitizer


    AVAILABLE Electric sprayers in various formats:
    3 Lt – 5 Lt CURRENT
    10 Lt – 30 LT BATTERIES > contact us for more information

    TURBO CLEAN is a pressure-adjustable electric sprayer designed to spray a cleaning and/or disinfectant solution on surfaces. It was designed by Pai Cristal Italia to sanitize surfaces, through use in combination with
    OPEN-UP Sanitizer for surfaces.

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  • buratto_rotativo_paicristal_burattatura_secco_finitura_lucidatura_paicristal

    Rotating tumbling machine 120SP

    Rotating tumbling machine 120SP

    Size: 700(L)x900(D)x1900(H) mm

    Rotating tumbling machines product features:

    • Structure in tube: 50x50x3 mm
    • Registrable pins: diameter 125 mm
    • External protection with wavy metal net, hole 43×10 mm
    • Painting chance of the metal net with customized color
    • Gate with two doors with safety micron for the doors opening

    Barrels features:

    • Two multilayer and octagonal barrels in beechwood or bamboowood: 120x60x30 cm with two holes
    • Two doors for each hole with perforated metal sheet of aspiration, hole 3 mm – hole gap 3 mm
    • Joints and hooks of anti-opening safety blocking




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  • detergente_ultrasuoni_plastica_materiali_naturali_metalli_liquido_per_ultrasuoni_concentrati_rimuovi_residui_paicristal_pai_cristal_italia

    ULTRAFAST Ultrasonic detergent

    ULTRAFAST Ultrasonic detergent

    UTRLAFAST  ultrasonic detergent:

    • Ultra- concentrate cleaners for ultrasonic machines
    • This cleaning solutions are particularly effective to remove greasy and dry residues, polishing compounds, oils and light oxidations
    • It ensure an accurate and deep cleaning, leaving no haze on the surface
    • For professional use only
    • Easy and fast solubility in water
    • Slightly foamy
    • It does not contain solvents, acids and alkali.




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