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  • OPEN-UP Surface Sanitizer - Pai Cristal - Pai Boat Composites

    OPEN-UP Surface Sanitizer

    OPEN-UP – surface sanitizer
    Sanitizing surfaces will no longer be a problem thanks to OPEN-UP detergent, deodorant and sanitizer for surfaces.
    Thanks to the use of active oxygen, OPEN-UP cleans and sanitizes without damaging the surfaces.

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  • TURBO CLEAN Electric Sprayer for Surface Sanitizer


    AVAILABLE Electric sprayers in various formats:
    3 Lt – 5 Lt CURRENT
    10 Lt – 30 LT BATTERIES > contact us for more information

    TURBO CLEAN is a pressure-adjustable electric sprayer designed to spray a cleaning and/or disinfectant solution on surfaces. It was designed by Pai Cristal Italia to sanitize surfaces, through use in combination with
    OPEN-UP Sanitizer for surfaces.

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