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Carbon fiber Polishing Compounds

Carbon fiber polishing compounds – Pai Boat Composites

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  • PERLA_15_paiboat_pasta_abrasiva_lucidante_fibra_carbonio_lucidatura_detailing_carbonio_paicristal


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  • TOPFINISH 2 anti-holograms refinishing polish for Gelcoat - Pai Boat Composites

    TOPFINISH 2 Nano Refinishing Polish


    TOPFINISH 2 is a nano-abrasives based polish for holograms-free surface refinishing, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    TOPFINISH 2 anti-holograms polish:

    • it is ideal for the extreme refinishing action even of the most delicate and difficult coloured surfaces;
    • it removes holograms, swirls, polishing marks resulting from previous coarse compounds;
    • its balanced blend of nano-abrasives and high performance polishing agents allows to achieve the highest standard of brightness in a safe, simple and quick way.


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  • EASY GLOSS extra fine protective polish for gelcoat  lacquer and carbon - Pai Boat Composites

    Easy Gloss
    Extra Fine Polish & Wax


    EASY GLOSS is an extra fine restoring protective polish for gelcoat, resins, painted surfaces and lacquers, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    EASY GLOSS extra fine renewer polish:

    • it is ideal as last step in the polishing process;
    • it provides a high gloss finishing, while adding wax protection;
    • it safely removes light oxidation, stains and water spots;
    • it restores the original deep shine of the surface;
    • it is very fast to apply (by hand or polisher) and extremely easy to remove.


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  • FLASH TOUCH quick cleaning and polishing of boats carbon parts epoxy tables - Pai Boat Composites

    Fast Spray Polish & Wax


    FLASH-TOUCH is a performing 3in1 spray product, which cleans, polishes and protects, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    FLASH-TOUCH polish spray:

    • it is extremely easy and quick to apply and remove;
    • it leaves a thin resistant protective layer on the surface and allows to achieve a radiant and shiny finishing;
    • it is perfectly suitable for gelcoat, composite parts and resins, but it may be used also on paints, plastics, rubber and glasses.


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  • paiboat_NW1_plus_lucidatura_carbonio_pasta_abrasiva_nera_paicristal_lucidante_carbonio_fibra


    NW 1 PLUS BLACK the supreme polishing compound for Carbon   Maggiori informazioni?    

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  • TOPFINISH2_paiboat_polish_carbonio_barche_nero_lucidante_lucidatura_detiling_fibra_carbonio_paicristal
  • PERLA15 Polishing Compound for Lacquered Surface and Carbon Fibre- Pai Boat Composites

    PERLA 15


    PERLA 15 is a specific polishing compound for painted surfaces and lacquers, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal. P
    ERLA 15 polishing compound:

    • it is ideal as “one step” product: it combines an excellent cutting action to a sublime shiny finishing;
    • it removes scratches, dullness, medium-light oxidation and P1500-2000 sanding marks;
    • in its black version is perfect for polishing carbon parts.


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  • EASY_GLOSS_paiboat_polish_carbonio_fibra_lucidatura_lucidante_protettivo_fibra_carbonio_paicristal

    Extra Fine Polish & Wax

    Utilizzo Agitare prima dell’uso, quindi mettere una piccola quantità di prodotto sul tampone in schiuma morbido nero, stendere con movimenti incrociati a mano o a macchina (800-1500 RPM). Lasciar asciugare completamente, quindi rimuovere con un panno in microfibra.   Maggiori informazioni?    

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