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Pai Boat Composites division was born in the shipyard: the Italian luxury yacht is the starting point. In co-operation with the main leader companies in the marine sector, our Research and Development department has created specific formulations for each and every production situation.

In this way, polishing compounds have been developed for the surface finishing of both new plugs and moulds and their maintenance, demoulding after demoulding. Effective and time-based polishing processes have been implementing for the final product: the boat.

The accurate analysis of the different hardness of resins as well as the peculiarities of each type of gelcoats has been the heart of a rigorous study, with the main goal of realizing fruitful polishing processes, which could guarantee a reduction of labour costs (time, material), whereas an increase of perceived quality.

The yacht as a piece of art finds in Pai Boat Composites its own crucial and bright final touch.

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  • nw1_plus_pasta_abrasiva_epossidica_lucidatura_lucidante_polish_barche_compositi_resina_paiboat_paicristal

    NW 1 PLUS




    NW 1 PLUS is finally here and it’s SUPREME.

    NW 1 PLUS the polishing compound for composite materials is finally here.
    All new formulation, all new performance, all new cutting action, all new aroma.
    The paste is here and it’s ready for a test.


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  • NW 0 heavy cutting compound for hard resins polishings - Pai Boat Composites

    NW 0
    Mould Hard Cut


    NW 0 is a heavy cutting compound for hard resins polishing, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal. NW 0 cutting polishing compound:

    • it is ideal for polishing and refurbishing vinyl ester and hard tooling moulds;
    • it removes P800-P1000 sand scratches;
    • it is a “One step” compound, assuring a high quality finish.


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  • TOPFINISH 2 anti-holograms refinishing polish for Gelcoat - Pai Boat Composites

    TOPFINISH 2 Nano Refinishing Polish


    TOPFINISH 2 is a nano-abrasives based polish for holograms-free surface refinishing, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    TOPFINISH 2 anti-holograms polish:

    • it is ideal for the extreme refinishing action even of the most delicate and difficult coloured surfaces;
    • it removes holograms, swirls, polishing marks resulting from previous coarse compounds;
    • its balanced blend of nano-abrasives and high performance polishing agents allows to achieve the highest standard of brightness in a safe, simple and quick way.


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  • EASY GLOSS extra fine protective polish for gelcoat  lacquer and carbon - Pai Boat Composites

    Easy Gloss
    Extra Fine Polish & Wax


    EASY GLOSS is an extra fine restoring protective polish for gelcoat, resins, painted surfaces and lacquers, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.
    EASY GLOSS extra fine renewer polish:

    • it is ideal as last step in the polishing process;
    • it provides a high gloss finishing, while adding wax protection;
    • it safely removes light oxidation, stains and water spots;
    • it restores the original deep shine of the surface;
    • it is very fast to apply (by hand or polisher) and extremely easy to remove.


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  • CC7 Cleaners Brings Up scratches and holograms - Pai Boat Composites

    CC 7
    Clean & Check


    CC7 is a specific spray product for a good control of the elimination of sandpaper scratches on grp plugs and moulds, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal. CC7 spray cleaner:

    • removes layers that usually hide defects and marks;
    • brings up scratches, holograms and hazes, without affecting the gloss level;
    • it may be used to clean also plastics, rubber, glasses.


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  • PERLA15 Polishing Compound for Lacquered Surface and Carbon Fibre- Pai Boat Composites

    PERLA 15


    PERLA 15 is a specific polishing compound for painted surfaces and lacquers, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal. P
    ERLA 15 polishing compound:

    • it is ideal as “one step” product: it combines an excellent cutting action to a sublime shiny finishing;
    • it removes scratches, dullness, medium-light oxidation and P1500-2000 sanding marks;
    • in its black version is perfect for polishing carbon parts.


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