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    Clean & check 7

    CC7 – Clean & check 7

    CC7 is a specific product for a good control of the elimination of sandpaper scratches.

    • Through its innovative components, this specific cleaner removes layers that usually hide defects and marks and brings up scratches, holograms and hazes, without affecting the gloss level.
    • It may be used to clean also plastics, rubber, glasses and resins, etc.


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  • Silky Clay Bar for car decontamination - PAI CAR - pai cristal

    Bar for car decontamination

    SILKY CLAY Bar for decontamination PAI CAR – the line of polishiong compound and car care products developed by Pai Cristal Italia.
    This Calt bars decontaminant is part of the SILKY line of PAI CAR products for the correct decontamination of the car.

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