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November 20, 2020 / By Pai Cristal Italia

Products for car polishing – become a master in polishing PAI CAR

Products for car polishing – become a master in polishing PAI CAR

Products for car polishing – become a master in polishing PAI CAR

Polishing the car body is a delicate process requiring lots of attentions: to choose the right products for the car polishing is basic to polish the car body quickly and with excellent results. Relying on the selection of polishing compounds for the car polishing PAI CAR means not wasting time in the polishing process, getting the best result with the minimal effort.

How to polish and choose the right products for the car polishing?

What do you need to polish a car?

Figure out the state of the car to polish

Decontaminate the car before proceeding to the polishing phase

Choose the abrasive compounds for the polishing

Protect the polishing and seal the job done

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Products for car polishing – PAI CAR - paicristal

What do you need to polish a car ?

To identify the essential tools for an exact polishing process is basic for those who have to polish.

Example You don’t need a rotorbital polisher in order to remove some scratches on the area of the car door handles  – in this case you just need a polishing pad, an holder for hand use, an abrasive polishing compound for cars like PAI CAR IPER-CUT and elbow grease.

What do you need to polish the car?

A variable speed polisher (rotative or rotorbital – we don’t want to make things complicated. There is another section where we deal with such technical topic REGISTER TO NOT MISS THE NEXT NEWS 

The right products for the decontamination, that are the decontaminant products of the Pai Car Silky series (discs pad, gloves, microfibers, clay bars and decontaminant cleaners). Right now, you ask “Why is the car decontamination so important?” We will reply shortly, read more.

Pads for polishing foams and wools to polish are basic. To clean them after the polishing is even more (we will write about this too REGISTER TO NOT MISS THE NEXT NEWS)

Cutting compounds, Polishing Compounds and abrasive polishes PAI CAR.

A couple of PAI CAR microfibers will help us in the cleaning work.

It seems to be difficult, but to polish a car we need just 5 things:

  • a polisher
  • decontaminants
  • pads for polishing
  • polishing compounds for cars
  • some microfibers

What’s the condition of the car I need to polish?

The first step for a right car polishing is to identify problems and defects of my car body. There are different defects you can find on a so big surface like the car one. We list the most ordinary defects of the body car as follow:


Swirls identify the small scratches from washing.  Swirls are the most ordinary defects on the car body. Every car out there has this defect. In the sunlight you see this micro-scratches that make a kind of circle. Why do swirls appear on the car body ? Because the car was washed badly and the paint was scratched. In order to remove the swirls from the car, you need to use a polishing process moderately aggressive with the abrasive polishing compunds PAI CAR (like Iper-Cut that eliminates defects and polishes at the same time).


  Stains on the car body are  a normal defect, almost always caused from the settled hard water. In order to eliminate stains from the car body you need a polishing process which starts from aggressive abrasive compounds.


  Holograms on the car body are also one of the most common issue resulting form the polishing process. They are lots of tiny scratches gather in a specific point of the car body. These grouped small scratches, viewed from the distance, appear as a big ring.

Pig tails

  Pig tails are defects derivating from the polishers or rotorbital sanders movements. An external impurity gets stuck between the surface and the polisher/sander. The movements of the machines create these defects that take the name of « Pig Tail » because they are similar to the real pig tail.

Orange peels

  Here we go to the serious problems: the orange peel is a problem caused by a wrong painting. The paint is not smooth but it’s full of grooves and swells that form a surface similar to the orange peel. Is it enough to use the abrasive compounds in order to eliminate the orange peel from the car body?  If only it were true! – to eliminate the orange peel you need to smooth the transparent, but to do it, first you have to sand and then polish.

Car decontamination products - PAI CAR - pai cristal

Car decontamination before going on with polishing

Is the car decontamination so important? Polishing a not clean car can cause relevant damages to its surface. Think about to polish a car and then realizing to have carried micro-tar particles over the entire paint. That’s not a good start.

Established that car decontamination is necessary for a right polishing, what are the required products and tools to decontaminate the car?

In order to decontaminate the car it is necessary a lubricant that allows to the decontaminant tool to glide over the car body.

For years the only tool to decontaminate the car has been the clay. The decontaminant clay bar  has been actually replaced by synthetic products in different forms that guarantee a higher speed in the decontamination phase and an unparalleled comfort.

Professionals use decontaminant discs made of synthetic polymers like the decontaminant  pad PAI CRISTAL SILKY  PAD, used directly with rotative polisher too. After attaching the disc to the plate and after greasing the car body (with  DECON-TECH the lubricant for the PAI CAR decontamination), the  pad is passed over the entire car regulating the polisher to a low RPM. In this way the professional decontaminates the car quickly.

PAI CAR series allows to choose among other different forms and decontaminant products, for different uses (professional body shop mechanics, detailers and DIY too). It is possible to choose among:

Even in the case of use of a decontaminant holder different from the PAD, it is always necessary to lubricate the car in the right way – DECON-TECH the decontaminant cleaner PAI CAR was born with the aim to reduce the working times thanks to a continuous and optimal lubrication and a focused cleaning.

Choose the right abrasive compounds for car polishing

The car polishing is a process  consisting in different polishing phases, that we are going to explain briefly in this first guide.

Car polishing products PAI CAR - paicristal

The polishing process PAI CAR is composed by 4 abrasive compounds that allow to polish the car quickly. The 4 types of abrasive compounds PAI CAR are the following ones:

Cutting compound polishing compounds (first step)

One Step polishing compound

Anti-holograms polishes

Protective finishing polishes

The 4 types of polishing compounds PAI CAR

These 4 types are easily identifiable thanks to the cap color:

  • high cutting – heavy cutting compounds PAI CAR > white cap  
  • one step polishing compounds  PAI CAR > orange cap
  • anti-holograms polishes PAI CAR > blue cap
  • protective polishes for finishing PAI CAR > black cap
Coloured cap - polishing compounds PAI CAR - paicristal

According to the defects found on the car body paint, you have to choose the abrasive compound to start the polishing process. Fully understanding which polishing compound starting the process with is not easy and requires lot of experience.

Normally, to identify the abrasive compound I can refer on two universal values:

  • the abrasive power, in other words which sanding marks the abrasive compound can remove
  • the polishing power, in other words how much a polishing compound will make your car shiny!

In PAI CAR we have thought to make simple and immediate these concepts through the use of a scale system (from 0 to 10), indicating perfectly these two values, that for simplicity we have called:

CUT (abrasive power)

FINISH (polishing power)

Abrasive power and polishing powe IPERCUT one step polishing compound PAI CAR - paicristal

An abrasive compound with the white cap PAI CAR (aggressive abrasive/high cutting compound) has a high CUT, but a low FINISH because it is an heavy cutting compound born to remove from the car sandings 1200 – 2000. Alternatively an anti-hologram polish has a low CUT, but a high FINISH because was born with the aim to remove small imperfections, giving to the car an excellent finishing level.

Take a look in detail the different types of abrasive compounds PAI CAR:

Heavy cutting compound PAI CAR - paicristal

The products for the car polishing: High cutting – heavy cutting compound compounds with white cap PAI CAR

These aggressive abrasive compounds are considered from lots of people the first step in the car polishing with old and oxidized paints. They are able to remove from the car marks, failing, dullness and P1200-P2000 sand scratches.

To achieve optimal performances, aggressive abrasive compounds have to be used along with hard foam pads PAI CAR (do you know that the polishing pad affects for 30% on the polishing work, don’t you? Interesting, isn’t it? – we will write a news about it – register just now to not miss it)

When do I need to use an heavy cutting compound?

You can use it when the paint is quite ruined. We’re not talking about simple swirls but scratches, pig tails, calcareous stains. Or in case you sand P1200-P2000. Please, remember what we said earlier: the heavy cutting  compound is a first step, it removes scratches with a good finishing level but it has not to be considered the last step.

car polishing compounds - PAICAR - paicristal

The products for car polishing: One step polishing compound with orange cap PAI CAR

The One Step Polishing compounds PAI CAR, are a unique evolution for the car polishing sector. These compounds were born with the aim to reduce the working hours: with one step you can remove from the car scratches, hazes and medium-coarse sanding marks (P1500-P3000) obtaining simultaneously an optimal finishing level ! These compounds have been developed to work with pads for polishing medium-hard orange PAI CAR.

When do I need to use an One Step polishing compound ?

Small damages like swirls produced by a wrong washing can be removed easily with a PAI CAR One Step polishing compound. One Step polishing compounds are also perfect for easy and quick spot repair.

Normally on not particularly ruined and oxidized paints, polishing abrasive compounds are considered the first step in polishing. Be careful: an optimal finishing level is guaranteed, but if you want to achieve a gloss even greater you need to move to a finishing polish!

The products for the car polishing: Abrasive polishes – anti-holograms polishes blue cap PAI CAR

Microabrasive polishes PAI CAR allow to achieve a high finishing level (gloss) removing micro-imperfections from the surface. They are often defined anti-holograms polishes because they are used to eliminate the annoying holograms from the car body. These ones have been developped from Pai Cristal in order to guarantee optimal performances with light blue medium-soft polishing pads.

When do I need to use an anti-holograms polish?

Thanks to the special formulation based on high performances nano-abrasives, these polishes allow to remove marks of polishing (created from previous steps), micro-scratches and holograms, allowing you to reach an unbelievable gloss.

If you want to remove holograms, or if you have to eliminate small marks caused by previous polishing steps you can use an abrasive polish like SUPERFINISHER.

Protective polishes PAICAR - paicristal

Protect the polishing and seal the job done

According to the damages on the car to polish you have chosen the abrasive compound for the first step, you have gone ahead with a following step and now the car is perfectly shiny. So now what can you do?

You have to protect the gloss you just achieved with a polish like SIRIUS! This protective polish seals the paint with a thin membrane that will protect the car in the following weeks!

In addition to create this membrane, protective polishes allow to obtain an high gloss level: the car will shine like never before.

The application of a protective polish

The protective polish application needs a soft-black polishing pad (waved or not, HERE you can find a  large range of foam pads for premium polishing) that allows to the polisher to flow on the car body without any effort (this is because a protective polish has a viscosity level different from a heavy compound).

This is also because you have reached the last step of the polishing process too and you don’t need anymore an hard foam pad because you have already eliminated all the defects.

Remember: the protective polish for cars SIRIUS can be used by hand too, for a fast restoration of the paint gloss.

Become a master in polishing!

In this short guide we have discovered products for car polishing of the professional line PAI CAR. This one is just the beginning  of a guides series dedicated to everyone who wants to become a real Master in Polishingregister and don’t miss the next NEWS!

Wanna more info about products for polishing PAI CAR?

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