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GR8 grinding compound for dry tumbling


GR8 grinding compound for dry tumbling 





Using the compound GR8 – GREAT GRINDING you can :

  • OBTAIN A PERFECT SURFACE: the new compound GR8 allows to eliminate the deepest scratches and the flaws caused from the milling and moulding. The surface roughness (Ra) of the piece after the 15 h treatment with the compound GR8 is 0,355µm. This is a value that guarantees to the following smoothing step to flatten the surface in an excellent way, setting it up for the shining.
  • ACHIEVE STEADY RESULTS: loading every day the tumbling machine with the recommended compound quantity from PAI Cristal, the pieces quality will be regular and the treated surface will be homogeneous.
  • DECREASE THE CONSUMPTIONS: compared to the previous grinding compound PO5, the contact with the wood media, supported by the using of oil PAILAST 4 (in small quantities) for the first cycles, has considerably improved. Fewer balls are formed and consumptions have been reduced by 20%.The compound GR8 leaves furthermore residuals easy to wash.
  • SIMPLIFY AND MAKE SAFE THE TUMBLING WORKER’S ACTIVITY: the compound GR8 is easy to use and apply. The tumbling department remains clean and tidy, eliminating pumice bags that cause the presence of powder. Replacing the pumice with the compound GR8, you can eliminate the spread of silica in the workplace. 


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    Regular and homogeneous surface


    20 kg can

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