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The tumbling process is basic for the complicated work of realisation of a metal eyewear (that establishes around 100 processing phases) because it must remove marks, scratches and incisions originated from the previous steps. Light alloys like monel and alpacca, or harder metals like steel and titanium need specific abrasive compounds of Pai Classic line, which mixed with vegetal walnut granules allow an excellent exterior finishing in the shortest possible time.

We have studied different solutions for rotating machines with single barrel or “jap” tumbling machines with 4 barrels, with 2 steps cycles (grinding and shining) or single step (smoothing/polishing), while our solide compounds correct the remaining imprecisions making the surface shiny.  

For a precise and incisive work, we recommend the resin diamond wheels and the bench wheels with different hardness and abrasive power.

Polishing compounds in cream

Polishing compounds in bars

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