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Occhiali in acetato


Pai Classic line for tumbling process and hand polishing (on wheel applications) of eyewear in acetate is the result of long investigations, technical tests and researches in collaboration with the most important and professional companies in the sector. Processes that we suggest guarantee an excellent finishing of frames and temples made of cellulose acetate, modified natual polymer that is suited of the most creative solutions.

According to the color, the shape, the thickness and the width of the surface of pieces to be treated, we propose you a dry tumbling cycle with 3 or 4 steps, suggesting the most appropriate mix among abrasive compounds and plastic or wood media (beech or birch) in order to realize the phases of grinding,  smoothing, polishing and shining. Between every phase it’s recommended to remove the compound residues with our cleaning products for ultrasonic machines.

Our solid compounds finish the “beauty treatment” of the eyewear, smoothing the joint « temple-front » and removing the small remaining imperfections.

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