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Car matting compound

Discover I-MATT the car matting compound paste for bodywork, specific for the surface preparation before blending, it matts the paint leaving a flat surface. phase.

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    Matting compound

    I-MATT Matting compound

    I-MATT is matting compound that has been specially created for painted surface preparation before blending.

    • Through its innovative abrasive formula, characterized by progressive rounding-down technology, it matts paint, leaving a very homogenous and flat surface, with the best and fastest result.
    • By spraying the surface with water during the application, an even more regular surface might be achieved
    • I-MATT contains special cleaning agents activated by water, thus being very easy to re-polish up with no remains.


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    Clean & check 7

    CC7 – Clean & check 7

    CC7 is a specific product for a good control of the elimination of sandpaper scratches.

    • Through its innovative components, this specific cleaner removes layers that usually hide defects and marks and brings up scratches, holograms and hazes, without affecting the gloss level.
    • It may be used to clean also plastics, rubber, glasses and resins, etc.


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