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Discover the car polish for car polishing and detailing: Anti Holograms polish for cars, nano abrasive polish.

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  • SUPERFINISHER 2 √® un polish¬† abrasivo per auto, comunemente definito polish anti ologrammi. Grazie alla speciale formulazione a base di nano abrasivi e agenti lucidanti ad altissime prestazione, questo polish abrasivo di finitura per auto - PAI CAR - paicar - pai cristal

    Nano performance polish


    SUPERFINISHER Car anti-holograms polish

    SUPERFINISHER thanks to nano-abrasive based finishing formula with high performance polishing agents.

    • It easily removes light dullness, swirls, polishing marks, holograms and sand scratches up to P4000-P5000.
    • Assuring an amazing deep gloss finishing.
    • Also available black.



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