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April 22, 2021 / By Redazione

Der feuchte Trommel-Prozess – Pai Cristal

The wet tumbling process, or rather with machines that plan the use of water, is a kind of treatment that allows to obtain a surface homogeneous finishing of metal pieces, and to grind and smooth plastic objects and resin parts too.

With vibro and turbo tumblers, very used in sectors of mechanical industry, eyewear and fashion in general, jewellery included, the surface of pieces to be treated is made homogeneous, with the removal of burrs, welding marks, injection points and flaws from the previous treatment steps.  

Die Forschung und Entwicklung Abteilung von Pai Cristal Italia hat unterschiedliche Typologien des feuchten Prozess entwickelt, bestimmt für jede Typologie von Material. Entdecken Sie den richtigen Prozess für Sie:

Kleinartikel für Brillen (Monel, Neusilber, Aluminium)

–  Dekorative Einzelteile (Zamak, Messing)

– Harte Metallverbindungen (Stahl)

– Gold und allgemein Edelmetalle

– grinding of PMMA

– Polyester und anderen Plastikmaterialien/Harze