Project Category: <span>Composites</span>

Carbon parts

January 8, 2020 / By admin

  CARBON PARTS POLISHING AND COSMETIC REFINISHING   Composite parts produced by using carbon as a fibre are becoming more and more common in many different application fields. Just as composite materials in general, the advantages mainly lie in the higher resistance combined with an extreme lightness – especially if compared to the use of […]

Moulded GRP parts

January 8, 2020 / By admin

  GRP MOULDED PARTS POLISHING AND MAINTENANCE: STANDARD GELCOAT   Composite materials are extremely widespread in various application fields, thanks to their winning features, which make them more preferable to other options. Pai Boat Composites offers its support and solutions for the finishing of such materials, with a complete line of abrasive products and specific […]

Plugs and moulds

January 8, 2020 / By admin

  PLUG AND MOULD POLISHING AND MAINTENANCE: HARD TOOLING GELCOAT   The plug and the mould are the crucial starting point to obtain a good final product, which does not require too many corrective actions. For this reason, Pai Boat Composites has been studying the different types of surface and hardness as well as the […]